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News Bulletin :: Authentic 84 Asanas - The Legacy of Buddha Bose by Yoga Therapist Mrs. Rooma De nee Bose ..... Soon to be published


From ancient times India has enunciated that All life is Yoga. Over generations saints from this great land have imparted the knowledge of Yoga in various forms. The idea of developing a methodology for cure using Yoga was mooted by Sri Bhagabati Charan Ghosh to Sri Buddha Bose. Bhagabati Charan Ghosh, a disciple of Yogavatar Sri Sri Shyamacharan Lahiri and father of Sri Bishnu Charan Ghosh and Paramhamsa Yogananda, was himself an advanced Kriya Yogi. Taught the tenants of Hathayoga by Sri Bishnu Charan Ghosh and initiated into the realm of self-realization through Kriya Yoga by Paramhamsa Yogananda, Buddha Bose developed and refined this technique of therapy to a methodology that had far reaching effects.

He formed the Yoga Cure Institute in 1937 and it runs today based on his ideals and methods by Rooma De and Shib Nath De , who have been under his tutelage for several years. Only those persons who have mastered the techniques of Hatha Yoga and have advanced to a certain stage in self-realization are capable of properly imparting this training, which needs to be tailor-made to each and every individual. Both Rooma De and Shibnath De have been blessed by Saint Maa Sharbani and initiated by her in the ancient science of Kriya Yoga. They are among the very few authentic teachers capable of imparting this therapeutic form of Yoga training in the world today.

Rooma De Present Chief Yoga Therapist of the Institute and renowned contributor to leading dailies and periodicals on Yoga. She was trained in Hatha Yoga by her mother’s father Yogindra Bishnu Charan Ghosh personally. Under his guidance she attained perfection in postures, simple and advance,to give many spellbounding demonstrations of Yoga Postures and Yoga feats in India and Japan She has been interviewed many a times in television, dailies and leading periodicals. fter the demise of her maternal grandfather Bishnu Charan Ghosh in 1970 she continued to take tutelage under her father Yogiguru Buddha Bose in the philosophy of Yoga and it is to her that her father gave all his knowledge of Yoga Therapy which he developed to perfection during his lifetime. A highly able teacher, perfectionist and competent administrator she has been constantly assisting her father since 1970 in all the daily activities. In 1982 her father handed over the Chief Yoga Therapist position to her. In 1983 when Yogiguru Buddha Bose passed away Rooma turned to her spiritual Guru ,Saint Sree Sree Sarbani Ma for spiritual upliftment. Since then the Kriya Yoga Guru has been constantly advancing Rooma and guiding her for the betterment of the Institute. Shib Nath De The present Joint Chief Yoga Therapist of the Institute is a soft spoken, erudite Yoga Therapist ,known for his lucid explanations and peaceful image. A direct disciple of Yogiguru Buddha Bose under whom he spent long years of tutelage was guided to become a highly competent Yoga Therapist. His teachings involve the combing of Hatha and Raja Yoga when prescribing a yoga chart on an individualized basis. After the passing away of his Guru Buddha Bose he was initiated by Saint Sree Sree Sarbani Ma into Kriya Yoga. Under her guidance he has matured further to give his good energy to his clientele who do sessions with him. From 1986 he has been going to different parts of America like Houston and San Fransisco to deliver lectures on Yoga on a regular twice a year basis.


Authentic 84 Asanas - The Legacy of Buddha Bose
by Yoga Therapist Mrs. Rooma De Nee Bose(Daughter of Buddha Bose).
soon to be published ......



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